Fishing locations Western Port is the second largest bay in the state being Port Phillip Bay opening up to the Bass straight separated by the Mornington peninsula. It contains 2 large islands being Phillip island and French island. Frequent occurrences with seals, whales and dolphins. Western Port has an exceptional reputation for its fishing particularly its whiting, gummy shark, squid, snapper and elephant fish which all come into their own seasonally. There are plenty of options for boating, kayakers and land based anglers.


Whiting, Gummy Shark, Snapper ( pinkies ), Flathead, Salmon, Mullet, Trevally, squid, leather jacket


Pilchards, Silver Whiting, Bonito, Chicken, Squid, Maggots, Scrub worms, Mullet


Depends on what you’re chasing. If you fishing from a boat then an unweighted full pilchard or silver whiting or lightly weighted squid with double snelled suicide hooks is a great option. I would go with a snapper setup which would generally consist of a 7 foot 5-8 kilo rod. This will allow you to target many of the bigger species. Its also good to go with a general purpose rod that allows you to cover many different types of species. In this case a 3-5 kilo rod with a 3000 reel spooled with 6 pound line would be a great option. If you’re going for smaller fish then a light rod setup is best. 2–4 kilo capacity, with a 2000-3000 reel which will be sensitive enough to feel small bites and inquiries. If your chasing bigger fish like snapper and Gummy Sharks then you’ll want a heavier setup and potentially a long casting surf rod. Something along the lines of an 8 foot 5-8 kilo rod spooled with  stronger line such as 12 pound.


I prefer this spot in the early morning at high tide I just seem to catch more fish in those conditions. You get a big run of pinkies between January and March and a big run of Salmon between June and August.


Always be careful when out on the boat. Make sure you take all the safety precautions and show mother nature the respect it really deserves.