Garfish local fish species facts and Limits. Garfish AKA the mini Marlin are a popular fish to target in Victoria. There are many different types of Garfish that all look quite similar but these fish are cost commonly targeted from Piers.

Scientific name:


Size & limits:

They can grow to 50cm in length but are most commonly caught between 20cm and 30 cm. There is no minimum legal size limit but a daily bag limit of 40.

Bait Recommendations:

Maggots, glacies, or small pieces of prawn, silverfish, pilchard or Pipi

Lure Recommendations:

Garfish have very small mouth so targeting them with lures is very difficult making bait a more logical choice.

Eating Rating:

Garfish are quite bony fish but overall are an excellent eating fish with sweet flesh.


Chase garfish using a pencil or quill float for best success with some glacies or live maggots

Rod/Rig setup:

A very lite nibble tip rod of 8 to 9 foot in length are perfect when chasing garfish. a 2000 to 3000 size reel with 4 lb monofilament and a very small size hook is needed as these guys have a large snout but very small mouth

Best times:

Garfish can be caught all year round at anytime of the day.