Clifton Springs Fishing Report. This week I ventured up to Clifton springs. The decision to do this was after having 20 kilometre southerly winds all week. This looked like the most protected location for fishing from strong southerly winds. It was a 90-minute drive from Melbourne. I was fishing in my Hobie Pro Angler 14 and my target species was squid. The conditions were quite challenging with several wind direction changes. The water had moments of severe lumpiness and then complete calmness.

I was fishing with an Asari size 3 squid jig in gold. Also a Rui Squid jig size 3 in the hulk colour. Due to the weather conditions, I only lasted 90 minutes on the water but can happily say that I caught 9 squid. Which was 1 shy of bagging out. I was mainly fishing in the weedy areas between 3 and 4 meters deep. using 2 rods one left drifting in the rod holder and the other being worked with repeated lifts and pauses.

The first 15 minutes were slow and difficult due to some very choppy conditions. However then things calmed down and the squid fishing was fanatic. Multiple double hookups. One, in particular, was amazing catching 2 squid with large hoods within seconds of each other. That was the end of a short but great day on the water. The only thing left to do was clean all the squid ink of my white hobie and clean 9 squid.

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Clifton Springs Fishing Report