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Testing currently in progress. Testing results to be published soon



Reedy's rigz in recent years have become an increasingly popular product synonymous with local snapper fishing. What are Reedy's Rigz exactly? Well, there quality pre made snapper rigs that you simply open, tie to your main line, then attach a sinker of your weight choice. It couldn't be any easier for targeting snapper. They come in a range of colours and sizes and have been cleverly designed using glow in the dark lumo beads and bright flashing wraps to attract hungry snapper. Its a great success story by a local Australian family business.


So what's new??

Well the team at Reedy's Rigz have been working on a concept over the last 5 years to develop these rigs with a new type of fibre. This new fibre reflects light in the same fashion that a UV squid jig does and is 5 times stronger then most products in this space made from flasherbou. These new ultra rigs new fibre technology is considered a game changer.


They didn't stop there the swivel has been upgraded from a barrel to a roller which is stronger and more effective at preventing line twist. The New hooks are a heavier gauge circle hook for bigger fish but with a straight shank with all the advantages of circle design which ensures as close to 100% catch rate after hook-up.


People who know me well would understand that I'm passionate and borderline obsessed with fishing tackle. With this products I'm amazed at how a concept as simple as a snapper rig can have so many advanced clever design elements. So many little intricate features and key attention to detail that take it from a good product to a truly great product.


In Victoria we are blessed with amazing snapper fishing around Port Phillip Bay and Western Port. An annual delight between the months October through to March is when the weather conditions are warmer and snapper make their annual migration into our systems. In Victoria there aren't many species that get your heart pumping like snapper and these rigs are simply perfect for local bait fisherman.



Colour & Sizes

Supalumo, Scallop,

5/0 80LB and 6/0 80LB

Reedy's Rigz - Ultra Snapper Rig


Our test results

Testing currently in progress. Details to be published soon




Convenience, why waste time setting up your own leaders, just open, tie and attach sinker and your ready to go. Couldn't be easier.


New Fibre Glow technology


Make out of quality products. Strong sharp hooks, strong 80lb leader, lumo beads


Perfect for snapper, but also great for Gummy sharks, Mulloway and other local species




Details coming soon



Where can i find them??

These rigs are now available in many tackle stores Australia wide. However, you can find out more details about these great rigs directly from the manufacturers website it's a clean website, easy to navigate and provides information on these rigs and a range of other great fishing merchandise including snapper snatches, flasher rigs, squid jigs, float rigs, clothing, and more.




I can only provide feedback on the experience of my order and am very glad to say that the order arrived overnight and packed securely.




At the time of testing individual Pre-tied paternoster rigs were $12.95 each they come in a range of sizes, colours and can be ordered in bulk. The original rigs can still be purchased for $8.95. Again we recommend visiting the manufacturers website for the latest pricing, products and promotions.



Final word from the author

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